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Results for the 2012 Ladies’ Invitational

Congratulations to all our 2012 winners. Thank you all for participating!

Stroke Play         
Overall Winner: Leanne Richardson COUNTRY MEADOWS GC    
Division 1        
1st Gross: Shelly Thomas COUNTRY MEADOWS GC    
1st Net: Doreen Vienneau PINE NEEDLES GC    
2nd Gross: Monique Taylor MONCTON GC    
2nd Net: Penny Dickeson FREDERICTON GC    
Division 2        
1st Gross: Wendy Pooley MOUNTAIN WOODS    
1st Net: Marie Ann Leger COUNTRY MEADOWS GC    
2nd Gross: Diane Leblanc FREDERICTON GC    
2nd Net: Carole Lemoine MOUNTAIN WOODS    
Scramble Format        
Overall Winner: Lynn Richford FREDERICTON GC Kris Harvey FREDERICTON GC
Division 1        
1st Gross: Iris Bliss FREDERICTON GC Sherley Merrithew FREDERICTON GC
2nd Gross Gail Nickerson MOUNTAIN WOODS Elies Coady MOUNTAIN WOODS
3rd Gross: Betty Fitzgerald PETITCODIAC GC Rose McNeil PETITCODIAC GC
Division 2        
1st Gross: Faye Sherrad HAMPTON GC Ween Somerville MOUNTAIN WOODS
2nd Gross Jeanette Pickles MOUNTAIN WOODS Francoise Beaulieu PETITCODIAC GC
3rd Gross: Wendy Doyle MOUNTAIN WOODS Leona Doucet MOUNTAIN WOODS