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Mountain Woods Greens Report

July Greens Report

 The following practices have occurred in May and June.



·      Slice greens to help dry/allow air movement

·      Aerate the greens with most winter damage. The aeration holes provide a home for new seed and fertilizer. This process also reduces compaction in the greens.

·      Verticut all remaining greens. Verticutting is done mainly to thin out putting surfaces that have become slow due to too many blades of grass on the surface. In this instance it was done to provide a place for the over-seed to nest prior to germination. Germination of new seed does not occur until the ground temperature reached 17 degrees.

·      All greens were over-seeded (some twice)

·      Starter fertilizer was applied to all greens

·      Water greens and tees only when needed. Watering this time of year is not ideal as we are trying to get the soil temperature to increase above 17 degrees and the water from the pond is not helping us to achieve this because the water temperature is so cold.



 ·      Constructed a new bridge on hole #11.

·      Constructed a walking bridge on #10.

·      Topsoil and seed the area in front of #15 green where the tree was removed.

·      Fertilized all new fairways.

·      Sprayed herbicide on new fairways and rough.

·      Sprayed fungicide on all greens.

·      Verticut new bent grass greens and top-dressed with sand, seed and fertilizer.

·      Repaired wash outs from winter on cart paths.

·      Shaped the fill for new tee on hole #13.

·      Will be lowing the height of cut on greens.




·      Spray all greens fungicide.

·      Topsoil and hydro-seed the drainage swale to the left of #13 green.

·      Fertilize new bent grass tees as part of our regular fertilizer application schedule.

·      Look into seeding or sodding the new tee on hole #13

·      Top-dress all areas on hole #1 been the 200 yard marker and 100 yard marker with seed, fertilizer and topsoil. Carts will be cart path only on hole #1 for the next month or so until we can get germination in this area.

·      Continue to verticut and seed any damaged greens.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above practices please contact Greg Neate via email.