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Mountain Woods Golf Club Men’s Inner City Team Play

Hello everyone,

 My name is Steve Nixon for those who do not know me.  I will be running our inter city competition this year.  Our club is two time defending champs so we hope to keep the streak alive and get a good turnout for the events.

 A brief description of the competition is as follows.  We compete against Maplewood, Country Meadows, and Lakeside in a home and home match.  They usually take place on Wed or Thu at 3:00 or 3:30pm.  Each club has 12 golfers totaling a minimum combined handicap of 130.  We set up in twosomes and have six matches in the preliminary rounds each totaling 1 pt.  Once the clubs have completed their rounds we take the points accumulated into the finals that will be hosted by Lakeside this coming year.  In the finals each club will play a singles match vs one player from the other 3 clubs.  Each player will have 3 pts up for grabs.  You are usually matched in a group with golfers around the same cap so the competition is challenging and exciting.  The team with the most points is declared the Inter City Champs.

 The cost to play this event is only $5/per player when you play at an outside course and free when you are at home.  All the money goes to the hosting club for the finals to cover a nice meal.  It is a great event and gives all of us a chance to play outside courses for a limited fee.  Because there are only 12 golfers per team it is sometimes hard to get everyone in but I will do my best to give everyone an opportunity if they choose to participate.

 In saying all this, our first match is against Maplewood and it will take place on Thursday June 20/13 at 3:30pm at our course.  Please send me an Email if you are interested and I should have a list out by Tuesday of next week with the team for June 20th.  All golfers are welcomed.

 I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember defending champs so we want to continue that good showing.  Just send me an email if interested. 

 Best regards,