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Mountain Woods Golf Club Greens Report June 2013

June Greens Report

The following practices have & will occur over the next month.

1.    Weed Control. (Fungicide)

2.    Spray greens for diseases.

3.    Selectively close some tees to add topsil and seed.

4.    Drainage Projects: Left of the cart path and green on hole number 3 and right of hole #6 tee.

5.    Complete Removal of the stumps on hole #15 and topsoil/ seed.

6.    Cut trees that are overtaking some golf holes. Limb up existing trees.

7.    Remove the right fairway bunker approaching #14 green. We will level this area, topsoil and seed.

8.    Verticut greens, over seed and fertilize.

9.    Extend and construct cart paths through the new holes starting on hole #10.

10.Construct new tee on hole #4.

11. Construct a new pond on hole #4 left and in front of the green.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above practices please contact Greg Neate via email…



Greg Neate, Manager