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Mountain Woods Golf Club Fall Newsletter

Mountain Woods Golf Club to Remain Open in November

Mountain Woods Golf Club to Remain Open in November
The golf course will remain open for play, weather permitting, for some time on November. We ask all members and guests to check into the professional shop prior to play. The pins (flagsticks) will remain out on the golf course until such a time that weather dictates we close. Once the pins are pulled from the greens we ask all members and guest to cease play. Thank you all for making the 2012 golf season a great one.

October/ November Greens Report

Mountain Woods Golf Club will be staying open later this year should the weather cooperate.  The conditions in November will not be similar to conditions in the growing season as we will not be cutting grass everyday or stirring up the bunkers. 

The following practices will occur over the next month and early in November.

1. Aeration of the back nine greens, all tees, all fairways and all rough.
a. We may have to close down the front nine for a day or two and then close the back for a day or two to complete both nines.
b. We will start this early in October depending on weather. We require dry conditions to aerate and dry weather after to break up the cores.
2. The golf course will get a full treatment of lime, and slow release fertilizer.
3. The golf course will receive a complete herbicide (Weed Control) application from Price Landscaping.
4. By the middle of October Price Landscaping will come in to spray fungicide on all greens.
5. After the last mow in November the greens will be sprayed once again with fungicide.
6. Removal of some trees on the left side of Hole #14.
7. Dormant Over-seed new fairways and rough on holes #14 and #15.
a. Dormant over-seeding is beneficial when done in conjunction with aeration.

Different methods of Aerating:

1. Deep Tine: These tines are anywhere from 12 to 16” in length and simply push existing growing medium deeper into the ground without pulling plugs.
2. Shatter Tine: These star shaped tines does not pull a plug similar to deep tinning and works best on sand greens.
3. Hollow Tine: This tine pulls a plug and is most beneficial on clay greens and tees. The holes are then filled with sand.

Aeration is done to open up the existing growing medium allowing air, nutrients and water to enter. A heavy overdressing of sand is typically used to fill in the aeration holes left behind. Watering and rolling the affected greens will assist in the recover process.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above practices please contact Greg Neate via email…

2013 Membership Dues

The 2013 membership dues will be available for review and early bird discounts on Saturday October 13th. Please check the Rates section of this website or call the professional shop for additional information.

Outstanding Club Accounts

All outstanding club accounts in the kitchen and professional shop must be paid off prior to month end October 31st. Please call the professional shop with a valid credit card number or simply drop in and our friendly staff will assist you in the matter. Reminder phone calls and emails will occur over the next week.