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Friday Night Socials at mountain Woods Golf Club

Friday Night Socials

Worried about what to do on a Friday Night?    We think we have this solved!  A set of tee times, starting at 6:00 pm have been set aside for the “Friday Night Socials” – every Friday night – with the exception of long weekends.

Allan Doyle and Robin Paradis have agreed to assist the club in hosting Friday Night socials.  If any members have prizes they wish to donate to the event, please contact Robin.  The support by members last year was well received  and we are looking forward to another great year on the course!

This year’s schedule will be very similar with a little twist.    Here are some of the Rules to keep it simple:

-          Book online or Sign up with the Pro Shop by Thursday at 2:00 pm
-          Confirm if you and your spouse/Partner – wish not to be separated.
o   For example – you might want to reserve your own foresome for an evening
-          Tee Times will be visible with the online booking tool.
-          Unless a special event is advertised, the game format will be agreed upon by the team of four.  Can be best ball, alternate shot,  Matchplay using handicap.  It will be your choice.
-          There will be a special in the kitchen and members are encouraged to join in the lounge to meet some new and old friends
-          Guest Green Fees 9 holes will be $18 plus tax
-     Power Cart will be $10 per seat plus tax.

Along with every Friday night, we have scheduled four Special Events - Sign up early.  If we have good attendance we may need to adjust the tee times.  There is no additional cost to members, but please feel free to bring along Guests (non –members) to show them our great facility.

June 23st – Season Opener
Game Event: Greensomes
Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners drive and they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole.
The twosomes that wins the hole gets a point.  If the hole is tied, each team gets ½ point.
This will speed up play, as not every player will hit every shot.

There will be a small meeting upstairs after the round to discuss the events for the summer.  If you have any suggestions to improve or for other events. Please bring them along

June 30th - There will be no EVENT - Canada Day Weekend

July 7th – Friday Night Social

July 14th –   Mid Season Event
Game Event:  Lagging
After everyone gets on the green and regardless of the number of strokes, the player closest to the hole gets 3 points, the next player closest to the hole gets 2 points, the next player closest to the hole gets 1 point and the player farthest from the hole gets 0 points.
Total the points for all 9 holes for each player.

July 21st – Friday Night Social

July 28th – Friday Night Social

Aug 4th - There will be no EVENT - New Brunswick Day Weekend

August 11th  - It is already August event
Game Event: St Andrews Foursomes
Similar to an ordinary greensome as played in June, except that one player plays all the second shots on the odd numbered holes and the partner plays the second shots on the even numbers holes. They still both drive and elect the better drive for the appropriate player to play.
The twosomes that wins the hole gets a point.  If the hole is tied, each team gets ½ point.
This will speed up play, as not every player will hit every shot.

August 18th – Friday Night Social

August 25th – Friday Night Social

Sept 1 - There will be no EVENT- Labor Day Weekend

September 8th  - Shoot Gun Start at 5:30
Steak Dinner  (Registration required by Sept 6th ) to follow
Payable at Kitchen
Game Event:  Daytona
If you like risky games, you'll love this. Each team of two add their scores together, so if they both had fours the score is 44.
If the scores were different then the scoring depends on how you fared to par. If one of you got a par or better you would take the lower score first.
For example a 4 and 6 on a par 5 scores 46. If you are both above par, say on a par three, then you take the higher score first giving 64.
The winner might not be award until after the Steak Supper –as it might take some time to add up the scores!!!

For more information – See Allan Doyle (email at or Robin Paradis  (email at