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AC DC Concert Camping at Mountain Woods Golf Club

Camping for AC DC Concert Saturday September 5th 2015

 The golf course is currently ironing out the final details to lease the driving range and parking lot of the golf club out to two local businessmen for the use of a campground for the upcoming AC DC concert on September 5th.

 The following information outlines the plan and timing of closures for the golf course’s driving range, 18 hole golf course and parking lot:

Thursday September 3rd at 12pm (noon):The driving range will be closed to accommodate camping.

Friday September 4th at 7pm:The parking lot will be closed to accommodate RV camping.

 Saturday September 5th:The golf course will be closed for the day and maintenance will be performed. The clubhouse will be open from 8am to 8pm for camping residents to purchase items from food & beverage and the professional shop.

 Sunday September 6th:The golf course (18 holes) will re-open for play at 10am as RV’s in the parking lot and campers on the driving range will be vacating the premises.

 Monday September 7th:The driving range will reopen for play.