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welcome to the 2018 golf season at mountain woods golf club

Welcome to the 2018 golf season at Mountain Woods Golf Club

The 2018 membership & services rates can be found on our website please click on the hotlink below to gain direct access.


Membership Promotions:

Post Dated Payments Option:

We are now making it easier to pay for your golf membership and services at Mountain Woods Golf Club. You can now purchase your 2018 membership via 3 or 4 monthly payments via personal post-dated cheques only. The final payment is required by the end of May 2018.  To begin this process please contact Greg Neate. Payment plans will not be offered throughout the active season of 2018.

Purchase now for a chance to win your 2019 membership

All members that have paid for their 2018 membership in full by March 31st, 2018 or that are actively participating in the post dated payments option will be entered into a draw to win their 2019 membership. For the first time ever, the winner will win his/ her membership and all services that he/ she have paid for or are currently in the process of paying for in the payment plan.


Golf Canada & Golf NB

For the 2018 season, we will be adopting the new Golf Canada system. Your 2018 Mountain Woods Golf Club membership will include a gold membership to Golf Canada.  The cost of the gold membership at Golf Canada is $49.99 plus tax for public players and because it is going to be included in your dues at the club level the cost to you is only $30 plus tax.  The gold membership offers many benefits such as:  





Year End 2017 Maintenance BLOG

Grounds Maintenance BLOG Year End 2017


It is hard to believe that another season is over, and x-mas is just around the corner, but this is a feeling I have had many times in my career. The end is always bitter sweet when doing something you love to do comes to an end, but it is nice to take a much needed break after one of the craziest years I have ever experienced. From dead grass, to huge amounts of rain over 55 days, then a complete drought for around 90 days. If this is what global warming means for the Moncton area, then I think its time to start a new career at Walmart!!! Trust me this is a feeling that a lot of us in the industry have had a few times in 2017. Bad weather aside, it was also a very successful year for the turfgrass maintenance department. We did manage to get a lot done, and keep most of the course from complete disaster during the extremes of 2017.

            Preparing for the 2017 Rodger Burns Memorial tournament, was really exciting for the crew this year. A few weeks coming into the tournament, the greens were just not where I wanted them to be, so I decided to deeply vertical cut them in two directions, and top-dress. At that point, the frequency of rolling was increased, which lead to great results, but not awesome results, so we did the same process again, within 7 days, which is very risky. Sometimes, in order to create awesome surfaces, you just have to take a chance, but a calculated one! The result was dead smooth surfaces, that were stimping 12, and the feed back from the players was that these greens were the best they played all year. Not bad for Mountain Woods!!! The crew worked really hard for the tournament this year, and were very excited by the feedback that was received all weekend. There is nothing better that seeing hard work pay off!! The one thing that came out of preparations this year, was that it is now possible to take the greens to the next level. I am very excited for next year, and can’t wait to implement a more aggressive greens program.

            The very next morning after the tournament, the very tired crew and I started the Fall aeration process on the greens. We used a deep, hollow large bore tine at really tight spacings, and removed a lot of material. Last year, it took two sets of tines to complete all of the greens, and this year it only took one set. A regular program of aeration really pays off. I have always felt that aeration should be considered an improvement, not a hinderance. If there is one thing that I have proven at this golf course, is that aeration is the foundation of producing great surfaces. The greens were then top-dressed with over 35 tonnes of usga certified sand, and rolled heavily. FYI, our total top-dressing input for this year was 140 tonnes. The tees were also aerated with the same set of tines that were used on the greens, which I was quite shocked to see, especially in year 2. If you go back in time a bit, I have been aerating the tees with solid tines all year, so aeration is getting easier. This also means that the soil is improving, and roots are having an easier time to grow. The first year I did the tee-offs, I broke thousands of dollars worth of tines!!!  A few weeks later, the greens were aerated once again with a set of solid ¾” tines at tight spacings. Another application of sand was put down, but not enough to fill the holes completely. We noticed that when the greens were becoming saturated, that water was standing on the surfaces, which leads to ice formation. I decided to leave the deep holes open, so that the water will move down into the soil away from the surface. The greens with open holes also dried faster when the rain stopped. I am hoping that this will help with ice damage prevention. My fingers are crossed!

            Coming into the end of the month, which was still hot and dry, Don and I started to aerate the fairways, roughs, and greens surrounds. In some cases, we used the aerovator, and in others, we used hollow tine coring, but in the most compacted areas of the course we used both units. The aerovator really loosened the soil on the new sections of the course. That hard clay is definitely no match for the aerovator. I am really looking forward to seeing the results in the future that repetitive use of this unit will give us.  We are currently looking into the possibility of putting in a fairway irrigation system for the course, but just after an initial meeting with an irrigation specialist, it was soon discovered that it would cost over $300,000. There are a lot of other areas of the course that this money could make a really positive impact, so we are currently looking at a master list of priorities that would better serve the facility as a whole. It is not completely off the agenda, but part of a bigger one.

            Other projects that we did this Fall, were a piped drainage ditch along the base of the hill on #14. This is already carrying away a lot of water that used to flood that section of fairway. Anyone remember the Spring!!! The material that was removed for the drain was brought to #11 white tee, which is a poor excuse for a tee-off, that will be expanded in the Spring, and irrigation will be added to both the blue and white tee decks. We also did some erosion control for the bridge on #18, that probably would have been floating down the river next April!!! And we also did some erosion control along the stream on #10. Erosion is always a problem when you have water moving through a golf course, and you just never know how much will be coming through. We also did some woods cleaning, and dead fall removal along #6, to make it safer and easier to find a miss directed golf shot, which is better known as a shank! We also had the soil tested on an old tee-off between #7 and #17, where a small greens nursery will be installed next year, so that we have an area for plugs, and patches when damage occurs. We had also planned to put in a cart path for #18, but there was a crazy freeze-thaw that took place earlier, and turned everything to mud. The weather was even an issue in the end!!! Go figure!!

            Throughout the entire season, I have been weighing the decision to cover greens or not. There are certain circumstances with weather last year that were completely out of our control, and covering was not as successful as it could have been, but some of the greens probably would have been seriously ice damaged without covering. I also felt that we probably had put down the straw too heavily, so this season, we did it a bit differently. Instead of bringing in straw until the green was covered, we only brought in a specific number of bales and made it work. This lead to a lot less straw going down per green, and I am more confident that this will work better in the long term. We also covered more greens this year with the same quantity of straw that was used last year. This year we covered greens #16, #10, and #5, as well as greens #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #11, #12, #13, #15, and #17. On #5 and #13, we tried something different by tarping over the straw layer to see if not as much water will hold on the surface, and some of the greens were straight straw only. Ultimately, I hope to develop a master plan of covering or not covering, in order to dial in the best process to survive the Winter. Mother nature does have the last laugh though, but I am hopeful that better technology and procedures will be created in the future that will be effective in reducing Winter kill. I would like to really thank the volunteers for coming out and helping with the covering process. We can’t do this without you.

            Well Folks, that’s it for me for the 2017 newsletters, and I hope you enjoy reading them. I am currently in my off-season phase of my life, and already planning for next year. In the off-season, I attend educational opportunities, network a lot with other turfgrass professionals, hike trails, and go to the gym 6 days a week. I also do snow removal at the course, and go in and check on it quite often to make sure everything is going ok. I would really like to thank the awesome crew I had the pleasure of working with this year. You guys did an amazing job so please give yourselves a huge pat on the back.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the 2017 season at Mountain Woods, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!!!  And yes, I am coming back!!!!!!!!!


  • One of 2 aggressive vertical cuts in preparation for the big tournament.

  • Louis Snyder and Gordie Lebreton prepping the greens in the evening for the Rodger Burns Memorial.

  • #16 green stimping 12 and super smooth!!!  Remember how dead this was in April?

  • Greens aeration underway at #4. This crew is awesome!

  • Heavy topdressing on #3 green.

  • Core aeration of the 8th white and red tee. It was a beautiful day!

  • Heavy clay on #3 fairway is no match for the AEROVATOR! The aerated side is lifted 2 inches higher than the non-aerated.

  • Final greens aeration with the large solids. Gotta love the procore 648!!! 24000 drainage channels in 10 minutes.

  • Terry Budd digging the drainage trench for #14 project.

  • The finished project at #14.

  • Volunteers hard at work covering #2. Thanks guys for your hard work!

  • Covering #5 green this year. Something a bit different with the tarp on top of the straw.



Mountain Woods Closed for the 2017 season

Mountain Woods Golf Club is now closed for the 2017 season.

We ask for all members and guests to refrain from walking out on the property until mid-December as we continue to prepare the golf course for winter. The clubhouse & Professional shop is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. 

In the next few weeks many projects will be completed to prepare for the 2018 season. Dave Davey, golf course superintendent, will send out an October/ November newsletter outlining many of the items he is taking care of as we speak.

Thank you all for your continued support.


We will be calling for volunteers to assist in cleaning up the deadfall in the trees as well as covering the greens for the winter. Please stay tuned.

2018 Mountain Woods Membership promotion: 1 Membership, 3 championship golf courses

We are very happy to continue to partner with Green Gables and Anderson's Creek Golf Clubs in 2018. All 2018 Mountain Woods members will have playing "free" privileges at Green Gables and Anderson's Creek Monday through Thursday with the purchase of a power cart seat.

Anyone who purchases their 2018 golf membership between November 1st and December 30th will pay the current 2017 pricing and receive a $50 gift card for the professional shop. 






2017 Mountain Woods Men’s Night Prize Payouts

2017 Men's Night Results & Prize payouts  
3 Jacks    
Champion B.Doyle/A. Leslie  $50.00
1st in regular season Butler/MacPherson  $40.00
2nd in regular season B.Doyle/A. Leslie  $30.00
Duck Hooks    
Champion Wry /Dunn  $50.00
1st in regular season Wry /Dunn  $40.00
2nd in regular season J Richard/PL Mallet  $30.00
Hozel Knockers    
Champion Charters/Schlichter  $50.00
1st in regular season Charters/Schlichter  $40.00
2nd in regular season Schella /Guimond  $30.00
Molly Hockers    
Champion Huggins/Stace  $50.00
1st in regular season Andrews/Nameth  $40.00
2nd in regular season J Cormier / N Cormier  $30.00
Champion McCarthy/ Thompson  $50.00
1st in regular season MacKenny/Gammell  $40.00
2nd in regular season A.Doyle/Thorburn  $30.00




2017 men’s night toonie shootout payouts

2017 Toonie Shoot-Out - SEASON  
 $20.00 each
J.P.Aube / Pelletier
 $20.00 each
Leslie/Doyle    $20.00 each
 $20.00 each
 $20.00 each
 $20.00 each
 $20.00 each
 $20.00 each
lamb/ doyle  
 $40.00 each
richard/ mallet
 $40.00 each
 $40.00 each
 $40.00 each
 $40.00 each
 $40.00 each
 $40.00 each
 $60.00 each
 $80.00 each




2017 Roger Burns Men’s Invitational Results

  Bryan Nugent Moncton Golf Colin Manning   Moncton  120
  Division 1 results        
1st  Eric Babin  Miramichi Rene Bourdreau Gowan Brae 124
2nd Drew McCafferty  Moncton Golf Jason Richard  Moncton Golf  125
3rd Stu Musgrave  Country Meadows Chris Bunting    Covered Bridge  126
4th Andrew Leslie  Mtn Woods  Paul Bowman Fredericton  127 ®
5th Mike Dinan Ashburn  Jamie Sweet   Ashburn  127 ®
6th Jeff Wood Moncton Golf Scott Cowan  Moncton Golf  127
7th Oscar LeBlanc Bouctouche Ghislain Vautour St. Ignace  128
  Division 2 results        
1st  Jason Taylor Moncton Golf Eric Garnett Moncton 129
2nd Jeff Haley St Stephen Karl Merrill Kingswood 131
3rd Alex Richard  Public Player  Mathieu Bourgeois  Moncton  133 ®
4th Darcy Doyle  Mtn Woods  Dave Lamb Mtn Woods  133 ®
5th Mike Doucette Mtn Woods  Joel Doucette Public Player 133
6th Mark Maillet Lakeside  Donny Maillet Lakeside 134 ®
7th Steve Ward  Mtn Woods  Stephen Connors  Mtn Woods  134
  Division 3 results        
1st  Dusty Carroll Mtn Woods  Blair Vaters  Mtn Woods  132
2nd Mike Boudreau  Country Meadows Joe Patriquin Country Meadows 134
3rd Pierre Luc Pelletier  Mtn Woods  Jean Pierre Aube Mtn Woods  136 ®
4th John Morrison  Moncton Golf Larry Tower  Moncton  136 ®
5th Mike Forsythe Mtn Woods  Curtis MacFadyen Mtn Woods  136
6th Mike Barry St George  Larry Justason  St George  137
7th Bob Sherrard  Hampton  James Simonds Riverside  140 ®
  Division 4 results        
1st  Kevin Lawson  Mtn Woods  Vince Irvine Mtn Woods  143
2nd Greg Barbour Mtn Woods  John Horsman Mtn Woods  143
3rd Robert Newman Herring Cove  Roy Searles  Herring Cove  145 ®
4th Don Griffiths Mountain Golf Roland Russell Mountain Golf 145
5th Al Rollin Mtn Woods  Pete White  Mtn Woods  146 ®
6th Dan Pooley Mtn Woods  Bob Steeves  Country Meadows 146 ®
7th Ulysse LeBlanc  Maplewood  Reg Thebeau Maplewood 146


  Professional Division      
Champs Brett Wilson  Fredericton Golf Club Justin Shanks  Fredericton Golf Club 119
2nd Dave DeAdder Royal Oaks  Marc Robichaud Moncton  126
T3 Tim McCullum Taylor Made Alex Egan Mactaquac Golf 127
T3 Jarrod Romyn Ashburn Cody Scott Ashburn  127
5th Greg Neate Mtn Woods  Glenn Kennedy Mtn Woods  129
6th  Jim Oglivie Brightwood  Gord Smith Ashburn  132
7th Blehr MacKinley Cabot Links  Alex Jewers  Seaview Golf & Club 133




Mountain Woods Maintenance Blog for September 2017



September Newsletter 2017

It’s raining!!!!  Finally, the temperatures are starting to cool down, and the course just received its first substantial rain in months. The long-range forecasts are also looking good for once. There is a lot of fertilizer on the course, that was applied earlier in the season, so things should start to green-up rather quickly over the next week. It will be nice to be out there mowing grass, instead of dust! Over the next week I will be assessing just how bad the prolonged drought has damaged the course, and decisions will be made on over seeding week areas. This can be very costly, and disruptive to play, so the decision to seed will be done to best suit all of our interests. Also, a lot of the golf course is Poa annua, which has produced a large seed bed in the soil, that may germinate as conditions improve. All of my fingers are crossed for a little help from mother nature. One thing that all of you can help with is cart traffic. If you see an area that appears weak, don’t drive through it, and where cart paths are close to greens, tees, and bunkers, please stay on the path. There has been a lot of cart traffic damage on the course this year, and most of it was completely unnecessary. 

Just recently, Mountain Woods added a really cool piece of equipment to its arsenal. Its not new, but it is a barely used aeration unit called an aeravator. This unit was designed to handle really heavily compacted clay, which is our new fairways, and has the ability to loosen it even in severely hard and dry conditions. We are in the process of dialing it in now. I find the condition of those new fairways to be a thorn in my side, and I promise to do everything I can to improve them over the next few years. If it hadn’t been for severe winter kill, things would have been so much better, but that’s life. I am also looking into the total cost of fairway irrigation for the club, and assessing the total water needs. This is a huge investment that will looked at over the next few months, but there is a market reality that has to be taken into consideration in our area.
Over the past month the crew has done a lot of work on bunkers, and tree and brush clearing . We plan to do a lot more over the next few months, and a few trees that are causing tee-off damage are also going to be removed. If there are any areas on the course that you would like to see cleaned out, please let me know. I always appreciate feedback, whether its good or bad. It is always nice to see the golfers point of view as well.

This year, a family of Red Foxes has made their home at Mountain Woods. Foxes are showing up in urban green spaces largely due to the fact that coyotes have increased in numbers to a point where the Foxes are being pushed out. A couple of the little red guys are becoming quite tame, and will sometimes come up within a few feet. Don’t be scared, because they are harmless, so do not try to harm them. This is something the crew and I take personally.  One of the foxes actually likes to hang out with the guys while grooming bunkers, and also has been known to sneak up on me while changing cups at 5 a.m., and yes it scared the hell out of me as I did him when I screamed! Foxes are the exact predator you want on a golf course. They have been picking off the odd goose, and have been removing the damaging muskrat and ground hog population. Imagine, natural goose control!!!  It is recommended by wildlife officials to not feed them, so please don’t, as tempting as it may be.

Over the past month, I have been testing a lot of different management approaches to getting our greens closer to what I like to produce for you. I have them dialed in now, and hope you are enjoying those surfaces. I will be doing a lot of cultural work to the greens, as we approach the Rodger Burns Memorial, and yes, it is my goal to make them faster. We currently purchased a few sets of super tournament bed-knives, for our greens mowing heads, which will allow me to get the height-of-cut down below .120”.  I have also increased the amount of growth regulator used and have narrowed the application interval. We actually are mowing all 20 greens on the site and are dumping the clippings once. Topdressing is being done once per week, and vertical cutting in two directions every 14 days. With a program like this, we will always have awesome putting surfaces!

Fall is just about here, and core aeration is just around the corner. So far it is planned for the first week of October on the greens sites. We will update you as this date gets closer.  Right now, I am just happy to get to sleep in until 4 am. This has been one of the longest, and toughest seasons I have encountered in years, but having a great crew has made it so much easier!!! Until next time!!!!

1. One of our young foxes checking out a freshly groomed bunker.


2. The aeravator. A game changer for Mountain Woods !!!!!


3. These dark patches are called fairy rings. This is a fungal problem caused by buried stumps. I only will spray a fungicide if they start to cause damage





Thursday August 25th, Mountain Woods Senior Tour Draw for 8:30 SHOTGUN START

Hole 1A Don Mills Mountain Woods Darrell Culligan   0
  BERNARD LANDRY Pine needles ROGER LANDRY Pine needles 1
Hole 1B Vince Estabrooks  Sackville Rod Smith Sackville 1
  Émile Poirier Saint-Ignace Eugene Nowlan Saint-Ignace 1
Hole 2 Claude Gaudet Saint-Ignace Gérald Fournier Saint-Ignace 1
  Herb Brand Mountain Woods Fred Boddy Mountain Woods 1
Hole 3A Hinson Ashe Mountain Woods Doug Patterson   1
  Auda Chiasson Saint-Ignace Gerard Hebert  Saint-Ignace 1
Hole 3B Tracy Black Hillsborough Dave Greenwood  Hillsborough 1
  Joe Melanson Country Meadows Eric Estey Country Meadows 1
Hole 4A Gord Hopkins Mountain Woods Simon Sha Mountain Woods 1
  Bob Gordon   Al Smith   1
Hole 4B Dan Goguen Mountain Woods Bob Trembley Mountain Woods 1
  Clint Hansen Moncton Bruce Read Moncton 1
Hole 5 John Martin Mountain Woods Garth Cail   1
  Charlie Kelly   Bouctouche Cecil Briggs Bouctouche 1
Hole 6A Vaughn Hunter Mountain Woods Stephen Pauley Mountain Woods 1
  RAY MELANON Pine needles MIKE BOURQUE Pine needles 1
Hole 6B Wayne Battiste Moncton Dave Shaw  Moncton 1
  Bill MacDonald  Country Meadows Guy Saurette Country Meadows 1
Hole 7A Fergus Omond Mountain Woods Claude Desroches Mountain Woods 1
  SHERMAN NILE Pine needles PUL LEBLANC Pine needles 1
Hole 7B FRANCIS GAUDET Pine needles BERTRAND LEBLANC Pine needles 1
  Jim Henderson Moncton Peter Oblenis Moncton 1
Hole 8A RON PENSTON Pine needles MIKE HENRY Pine needles 1
  B  MacIsaac  Moncton B Lawrence  Moncton 1
Hole 8B ERIC LANDRY Pine needles GABRIEL ROBICHAUD Pine needles 1
  Brian Gaudet  Memramcook Michel Arsenault Memramcook 1
Hole 9 ALDERIC OULETTE Pine needles OSCAR OUELLETTE Pine needles 1
  Don Harper Petitcodiac Byron Stoyles Petitcodiac 1
hole 10 D Thompson Moncton Mike Ferris Moncton 0
  Arden Beaumont Hillsborough Ivan Keirstead Hillsborough 1
Hole 11 Doug Mersereau  Moncton Randy Speirnan Moncton 1
  Phil Boudreau Country Meadows Ray Belliveau    Country Meadows 1
Hole 12A Ron Freeman Mountain Woods Mike Richard Mountain Woods 1
  Bernie McCarthy Mountain Woods Rick Thompson Mountain Woods 1
Hole 12B Claude Cormier Mountain Woods Dana Murray Mountain Woods 1
  Ron Plume Petitcodiac Ken Martin Petitcodiac 1
Hole 13 Doug Stevens  Hillsborough Robbie Danger Hillsborough 1
  YVON BELLIVEAU Pine needles ALYRE O'BRIEN Pine needles 1
Hole 14A Tom Boudreau  Hillsborough Terry White Hillsborough 1
  PIERRE GALLANTT Pine needles NORM BREAU Pine needles 1
Hole 14B Larry Wells  Country Meadows Denis Roger Country Meadows 1
  Terry Fenton Hillsborough Gary Barkhouse Hillsborough 1
Hole 15 John Morgan  Country Meadows Bill Scarrow Country Meadows 1
  Paul Richard  Maplewood Paul Cormier Maplewood 1
Hole 16A Ernie Brian Maplewood Gerry Dupuis Maplewood 1
  Bob Auffrey Maplewood Rheal LeBlanc Maplewood 1
Hole 16B Roger McKenzie Country Meadows George  Bulman Country Meadows 1
  Maurice Bourque Lakeside Brian Lily   Lakeside 1
Hole 17A Reg Leger Country Meadows Phil Locke Country Meadows 1
  Denis LeBlanc Maplewood Bob Dupuis Maplewood 1
HOLE 18A Ray Babineau Maplewood Yvon Melanson Maplewood 1
  Henri Robichaud  Lakeside Jim King    Lakeside 1
HOLE 18B Doug Wortman Lakeside Reg Caulfield    Lakeside 1
  Roger LeBlanc Memramcook Eli Richard Memramcook 1



2017 Club Championship Results

Junior Club Championship    
Champion Riley Nixon  165  $80.00
1st gross Brock Forsythe 167  $40.00
1st net Josh Day 135 ®  $40.00
2nd gross Jordon Day 177  $30.00
2nd net Greg Horsman 137  $30.00
3rd gross Luke Patterson  182  $20.00
3rd net Cameron White  144  $20.00
1st Kaden Evoy      100 balls
2nd Noah Lafferty 109 balls
3d Noah Gallant    117 balls
4th Bryson Prasad 124 balls


Ladies Club Championship    
Champ Carole Lemoine 180  $65.00
1st gross Wendy Pooley 182  $30.00
1st net Carol Ann McCarthy 148  $30.00
  Dianne Arthur balls



Senior Men's Division    
champ Gord Hopkins 157  $110.00
1st division       
1st gross Benoit Allard  160  $60.00
1st net Mike Whittaker  137  $60.00
2nd division      
1st gross Allan Doyle  177 ®  $60.00
1st net Charles Lawson  132  $60.00
2nd gross Adrien Crevatin 177  $50.00
2nd net Rick Thompson  142  $50.00


Men's Club Championship    
champion Ryan Adams  150  $125.00
1st division      
1st gross Andrew LeBlanc 152  $55.00
1st net Stephen Connor  143  $55.00
2nd gross Todd Bursey 157  $45.00
2nd net Darcy Doyle  146  $45.00
2nd division    
1st gross Brett Doyle 161  $55.00
1st net Steve MacPherson  144  $55.00
2nd gross Bob Chappell 164  $45.00
2nd net Roger Nason 147  $45.00
3rd division      
1st gross James McQuade  174  $55.00
1st net Wray Dunn 149  $55.00
2nd gross Troy Butler 176  $45.00
2nd net Mick Stace 155  $45.00
4th division    
1st gross Marty Wry 175  $55.00
1st net Peter Schlichter 143  $55.00
2nd gross Brent Ryan  191  $45.00
2nd net Mark Strickland 149  $45.00




2017 Junior Invitational Draw for Thursday August 10th (Mountain Woods Golf Club)

2017 Junior Invitational Thursday August 10th  
Hole 1 Daniel Kirby Kingswood     
  Ethan Colpitts  Burro Hills    
  Brayden Sappier Woodstock    
Hole 1B Brandon McNaught Burro Hills    
  Liam Llewellyn Hillsbourough    
  MacKenzie Deveau Royal Oaks    
Hole 2 Brock Forsythe Mtn Woods     
  Ethan McFadden Moncton    
  Alex Smith Lakeside     
Hole 3 Matthew Lecocq Moncton    
  Branden MacPhee Country Meadows     
  Ethan Barter Country Meadows     
Hole 5 Nathan Taylor  Moncton    
  Jordon Day Mtn Woods     
  Cameron White  Mtn Woods     
Hole 6 Josh Day Mtn Woods     
  Daniel MacIntyre Moncton    
  Jackson Hachey Westfield    
Hole 8 Pierre-Luc Arsenault St Ignace  Marc-Andre Gaudet St Ignace 
  Colin Black  Westfield  Chris Hachey Westfield 
Hole 9 Wayne Jones  St Ignace  Nicholas Fontaine St Ignace 
  Nash Smith Country Meadows Alex Lewis Country Meadows
Hole 10 Riley Nixon Mtn Woods  Parker Dixon  Mtn Woods 
  Zack MacNeil Country Meadows Liam Mann Country Meadows
Hole 11 Jack Martin  Mtn Woods  Luck Patterson Mtn Woods 
  Greg Horsman Mtn Woods  Cory Bowness Moncton




Mountain Woods Golf Club Maintenance Blog for August 2017


August Maintenance Blog

Well I must say that this has been one of the craziest seasons I have ever had in the turf industry. From swamp to desert in just a few months! Who ever would have thought that we would experience a drought like this. The course has definitely suffered a lot over the past 8 weeks, with scorching high temperatures and about 20mm of precipitation. I have spoken to a lot of long term members over the past few weeks and it is unanimous that this is the driest they have ever seen the course, and its not just Mountain Woods feeling the pain. There are a lot of courses in N.B. that are almost out of water, and are seriously burned. So, the big question: Will all of this bleached out and brown turf come back? For the most part, a lot of the grass will recover, but there could be some high traffic areas that may need to be reseeded. In order for everything to green up, it will require cool temperatures and a lot of rain, and there doesn’t seem to be much of either in our near future. On a positive note, we have been able to keep the greens pretty darn good, and the tees are hanging in quite well, but it has required a tremendous amount of work. I can’t remember another season where I had to water this much, and this long.

The greens, for the most part, are doing well, but they are insanely dry internally. Irrigation water can only go so far, and it will require a good rain to fill up the soil again. There have been a few spots that have showed up and dried out quickly in the heat, but these have been treated with a wetting agent and are already showing signs of recovery. We finally received our new tires for the workman which will allow me to topdress very light during the dry period to help speed up and smooth out the surfaces. We are now mowing the greens at .120 inches and I’m pretty sure we can go lower. The greens have really changed over the past season and a half, and they are starting to become more like what I envision in my head. I really can’t wait until October to Deeply aerate the surfaces and put down as much sand as possible. The tees are hanging in there and I will be aerating them again shortly to help keep them playable.

Over the past month, the crew has been working their tails off edging the bunkers, and there are only 2 to go. The guys have really done an amazing job this year, and deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. It is too bad that we have been hit by a drought of this magnitude, because if we hadn’t, we would have been pretty awesome!
The club championship is rapidly approaching, and we will be busy getting everything ready for the weekend. The pins will all be fair, and the greens speed will be kept as normal. I hope you are enjoying the course this year regardless of the weather, and just so you know, those 400 yard drives are not going to last forever!!!!




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