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Recent News



2017 Club Championship Results

Junior Club Championship    
Champion Riley Nixon  165  $80.00
1st gross Brock Forsythe 167  $40.00
1st net Josh Day 135 ®  $40.00
2nd gross Jordon Day 177  $30.00
2nd net Greg Horsman 137  $30.00
3rd gross Luke Patterson  182  $20.00
3rd net Cameron White  144  $20.00
1st Kaden Evoy      100 balls
2nd Noah Lafferty 109 balls
3d Noah Gallant    117 balls
4th Bryson Prasad 124 balls


Ladies Club Championship    
Champ Carole Lemoine 180  $65.00
1st gross Wendy Pooley 182  $30.00
1st net Carol Ann McCarthy 148  $30.00
  Dianne Arthur balls



Senior Men's Division    
champ Gord Hopkins 157  $110.00
1st division       
1st gross Benoit Allard  160  $60.00
1st net Mike Whittaker  137  $60.00
2nd division      
1st gross Allan Doyle  177 ®  $60.00
1st net Charles Lawson  132  $60.00
2nd gross Adrien Crevatin 177  $50.00
2nd net Rick Thompson  142  $50.00


Men's Club Championship    
champion Ryan Adams  150  $125.00
1st division      
1st gross Andrew LeBlanc 152  $55.00
1st net Stephen Connor  143  $55.00
2nd gross Todd Bursey 157  $45.00
2nd net Darcy Doyle  146  $45.00
2nd division    
1st gross Brett Doyle 161  $55.00
1st net Steve MacPherson  144  $55.00
2nd gross Bob Chappell 164  $45.00
2nd net Roger Nason 147  $45.00
3rd division      
1st gross James McQuade  174  $55.00
1st net Wray Dunn 149  $55.00
2nd gross Troy Butler 176  $45.00
2nd net Mick Stace 155  $45.00
4th division    
1st gross Marty Wry 175  $55.00
1st net Peter Schlichter 143  $55.00
2nd gross Brent Ryan  191  $45.00
2nd net Mark Strickland 149  $45.00




2017 Junior Invitational Draw for Thursday August 10th (Mountain Woods Golf Club)

2017 Junior Invitational Thursday August 10th  
Hole 1 Daniel Kirby Kingswood     
  Ethan Colpitts  Burro Hills    
  Brayden Sappier Woodstock    
Hole 1B Brandon McNaught Burro Hills    
  Liam Llewellyn Hillsbourough    
  MacKenzie Deveau Royal Oaks    
Hole 2 Brock Forsythe Mtn Woods     
  Ethan McFadden Moncton    
  Alex Smith Lakeside     
Hole 3 Matthew Lecocq Moncton    
  Branden MacPhee Country Meadows     
  Ethan Barter Country Meadows     
Hole 5 Nathan Taylor  Moncton    
  Jordon Day Mtn Woods     
  Cameron White  Mtn Woods     
Hole 6 Josh Day Mtn Woods     
  Daniel MacIntyre Moncton    
  Jackson Hachey Westfield    
Hole 8 Pierre-Luc Arsenault St Ignace  Marc-Andre Gaudet St Ignace 
  Colin Black  Westfield  Chris Hachey Westfield 
Hole 9 Wayne Jones  St Ignace  Nicholas Fontaine St Ignace 
  Nash Smith Country Meadows Alex Lewis Country Meadows
Hole 10 Riley Nixon Mtn Woods  Parker Dixon  Mtn Woods 
  Zack MacNeil Country Meadows Liam Mann Country Meadows
Hole 11 Jack Martin  Mtn Woods  Luck Patterson Mtn Woods 
  Greg Horsman Mtn Woods  Cory Bowness Moncton




Mountain Woods Golf Club Maintenance Blog for August 2017


August Maintenance Blog

Well I must say that this has been one of the craziest seasons I have ever had in the turf industry. From swamp to desert in just a few months! Who ever would have thought that we would experience a drought like this. The course has definitely suffered a lot over the past 8 weeks, with scorching high temperatures and about 20mm of precipitation. I have spoken to a lot of long term members over the past few weeks and it is unanimous that this is the driest they have ever seen the course, and its not just Mountain Woods feeling the pain. There are a lot of courses in N.B. that are almost out of water, and are seriously burned. So, the big question: Will all of this bleached out and brown turf come back? For the most part, a lot of the grass will recover, but there could be some high traffic areas that may need to be reseeded. In order for everything to green up, it will require cool temperatures and a lot of rain, and there doesn’t seem to be much of either in our near future. On a positive note, we have been able to keep the greens pretty darn good, and the tees are hanging in quite well, but it has required a tremendous amount of work. I can’t remember another season where I had to water this much, and this long.

The greens, for the most part, are doing well, but they are insanely dry internally. Irrigation water can only go so far, and it will require a good rain to fill up the soil again. There have been a few spots that have showed up and dried out quickly in the heat, but these have been treated with a wetting agent and are already showing signs of recovery. We finally received our new tires for the workman which will allow me to topdress very light during the dry period to help speed up and smooth out the surfaces. We are now mowing the greens at .120 inches and I’m pretty sure we can go lower. The greens have really changed over the past season and a half, and they are starting to become more like what I envision in my head. I really can’t wait until October to Deeply aerate the surfaces and put down as much sand as possible. The tees are hanging in there and I will be aerating them again shortly to help keep them playable.

Over the past month, the crew has been working their tails off edging the bunkers, and there are only 2 to go. The guys have really done an amazing job this year, and deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. It is too bad that we have been hit by a drought of this magnitude, because if we hadn’t, we would have been pretty awesome!
The club championship is rapidly approaching, and we will be busy getting everything ready for the weekend. The pins will all be fair, and the greens speed will be kept as normal. I hope you are enjoying the course this year regardless of the weather, and just so you know, those 400 yard drives are not going to last forever!!!!




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Mountain Woods Golf Club Afternoon special 18-hole green fee rate



2017 Arley Enright Senior Invitational Results for Wednesday July 18th

Stroke Play    
Champions: Doug Stewart  Moncton
  Jim Haddad Country Meadows
1st Division    
1st gross    
1st net Jean LeBlanc Fox Creek 
2nd gross Pat Garagan Fredericton 
2nd net Guy MacKnight Country Meadows
2nd Division    
1st gross Bob McIntyre Hampton
1st net Bruce Melanson  West Hills 
2nd gross Gary Swain Hampton
2nd net Dave Cannon Maplewood
3rd Division    
1st gross Bernie McCarthy Mtn Woods
1st net Don Kimball Lakeside
2nd gross Peter Arsenault  Lakeside
2nd net Larry Morrell Mactaquac
4th Division    
1st gross Adrien Crevatin Mtn Woods
1st net Tim O'Leary Country Meadows
2nd gross Ross Huggins Mtn Woods
2nd net Ashley Sobey  Mtn Woods


Results Scramble        
Champions: Gordon Hopkins  mtn woods Simon Sha mtn woods
1st net Brian Higgins  Welsford Bob Sherrard  Hampton




July Grounds Maintenance BLOG, from your superintendent Dave Davey

July Newsletter 2017

Sorry I am a little late for this newsletter, but I have been busy lately trying to keep enough water on the course, and trying to stock pile as much water as possible, so that we have enough for the dry period of summer. I am not sure what has changed around the property, but the quantity of water coming through the property has really decreased in the past couple of weeks. Still have enough though. I actually have changed my schedule lately to more efficiently water the course. I typically start pumping water at 2 am in the morning until 5 am. This allows enough time for irrigation water to percolate into the root system, and decreases the possibility for mower damage. And I have found that I can get a lot done in the early hours of the morning!

Since the last newsletter the crew and I have been working hard to get the course into shape, and for the most part the weather has been cooperating for once, but it is sure getting dry out there. I am a bit behind on some of the goals I had set forth for the greens but this will all be done over the next 10 days, with vent aeration, topdressing, wetting agent application, spot plugging, and localized spot sanding to weaker/rough areas on greens that are still a bit thin from winter damage (ex. 14/5 green). For the most part, I am happy with how the greens have progressed, considering the loss of so many maintenance days earlier this year.  I should mention that I have been playing around with the quantity of water applied to the greens, and the frequency of rolling. We actually roll on weekends now! It is my intention to speed the greens up just a little, in order to fill the needs of the majority of golfers. Growth regulators are also being applied this week, and trust me, you will like the results.

I recently started aerating the tees, and boy are they hard. The Toro Procore aerator is bouncing like it was on concrete. This will soften the tee decks, and will allow for better water infiltration and root development. It is my goal to aerate the tees at least once per month over the rest of the season. I would especially like to thank Brian MacGlinchey for doing all of the divot filling on the course. He has been a divot filling machine for us this year and is an example that all of you should follow. We placed divot containers on numerous tee decks for you to use, and we have noticed a rapid decline this year in their use. Please fill your divots!!!

Also in the past couple of weeks, I was able to get the course sprayed for weed control. You may have noticed the smell, and numerous poor little weeds growing to death!!!! I hate weeds!!!! On some areas, you will notice large orange patches throughout the turf, and this is dead prostrate knot weed. Over the past couple of days, I have been asked why fairway 3 and 4 are so weedy. What your looking at is Poa Annua, which is a native turfgrass, going into full seed production. This is a good thing, because it will create a seed bed in our soils and fill in dead spots. Some people consider it undesirable, but for a small course like ours, it is welcomed with open arms.

Also, this week, the crew has started bunker edging, and sand addition and redistribution where needed. We plan on doing this over the next month, where it will fit the schedule. They are looking good all ready!! I would really like to thank the crew for all of their hard work this year. The guys have really gone all out this season and are really happy to make a great golf course for you.

Prostrate Knotweed saying the final goodbye on fairway # 10… Bye Bye!!!


Poa Annua seed head production on fairway # 4… 





2017 Mountain Woods Ladies Invitational Results for Thursday June 22

Stroke Play      
Champion Laura Jones  Country Meadows  73
Division 1      
1st gross Andrea Boucher Moncton Golf 77
1st Net Sharon Case  Miramichi 71
2nd Gross Pam Cossey Rockwood Park  79 ®
2nd Net Mary Walton-Rossignol Fredericton 72
Division 2      
1st gross Karyne Gelinas Country Meadows  79
1st Net Doreen Vienneau Pine Needles  73
2nd Gross Karen Flett Miramichi 85
2nd Net Erin Musgrave  Country Meadows  76 ®


Champion Lynn Richford Fredericton  Shirley Merrithew Fredericton  70
Division 1          
1st gross Ann Flewelling Fredericton  Sharon Brennan Fredericton  75 ®
1st net Marguerite Saulnier  Buctourche Yvette Cormier Buctourche 60
Division 2          
1st gross Phyllis Cooling  Miramichi Joyce Fry Miramichi 78
1st net Gail Nickerson  Mtn Woods  Elies Coady Mtn Woods  64




Friday Night Socials at mountain Woods Golf Club

Friday Night Socials

Worried about what to do on a Friday Night?    We think we have this solved!  A set of tee times, starting at 6:00 pm have been set aside for the “Friday Night Socials” – every Friday night – with the exception of long weekends.

Allan Doyle and Robin Paradis have agreed to assist the club in hosting Friday Night socials.  If any members have prizes they wish to donate to the event, please contact Robin.  The support by members last year was well received  and we are looking forward to another great year on the course!

This year’s schedule will be very similar with a little twist.    Here are some of the Rules to keep it simple:

-          Book online or Sign up with the Pro Shop by Thursday at 2:00 pm
-          Confirm if you and your spouse/Partner – wish not to be separated.
o   For example – you might want to reserve your own foresome for an evening
-          Tee Times will be visible with the online booking tool.
-          Unless a special event is advertised, the game format will be agreed upon by the team of four.  Can be best ball, alternate shot,  Matchplay using handicap.  It will be your choice.
-          There will be a special in the kitchen and members are encouraged to join in the lounge to meet some new and old friends
-          Guest Green Fees 9 holes will be $18 plus tax
-     Power Cart will be $10 per seat plus tax.

Along with every Friday night, we have scheduled four Special Events - Sign up early.  If we have good attendance we may need to adjust the tee times.  There is no additional cost to members, but please feel free to bring along Guests (non –members) to show them our great facility.

June 23st – Season Opener
Game Event: Greensomes
Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners drive and they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole.
The twosomes that wins the hole gets a point.  If the hole is tied, each team gets ½ point.
This will speed up play, as not every player will hit every shot.

There will be a small meeting upstairs after the round to discuss the events for the summer.  If you have any suggestions to improve or for other events. Please bring them along

June 30th - There will be no EVENT - Canada Day Weekend

July 7th – Friday Night Social

July 14th –   Mid Season Event
Game Event:  Lagging
After everyone gets on the green and regardless of the number of strokes, the player closest to the hole gets 3 points, the next player closest to the hole gets 2 points, the next player closest to the hole gets 1 point and the player farthest from the hole gets 0 points.
Total the points for all 9 holes for each player.

July 21st – Friday Night Social

July 28th – Friday Night Social

Aug 4th - There will be no EVENT - New Brunswick Day Weekend

August 11th  - It is already August event
Game Event: St Andrews Foursomes
Similar to an ordinary greensome as played in June, except that one player plays all the second shots on the odd numbered holes and the partner plays the second shots on the even numbers holes. They still both drive and elect the better drive for the appropriate player to play.
The twosomes that wins the hole gets a point.  If the hole is tied, each team gets ½ point.
This will speed up play, as not every player will hit every shot.

August 18th – Friday Night Social

August 25th – Friday Night Social

Sept 1 - There will be no EVENT- Labor Day Weekend

September 8th  - Shoot Gun Start at 5:30
Steak Dinner  (Registration required by Sept 6th ) to follow
Payable at Kitchen
Game Event:  Daytona
If you like risky games, you'll love this. Each team of two add their scores together, so if they both had fours the score is 44.
If the scores were different then the scoring depends on how you fared to par. If one of you got a par or better you would take the lower score first.
For example a 4 and 6 on a par 5 scores 46. If you are both above par, say on a par three, then you take the higher score first giving 64.
The winner might not be award until after the Steak Supper –as it might take some time to add up the scores!!!

For more information – See Allan Doyle (email at or Robin Paradis  (email at



Maintenance Blog June 6, 2017

June Newsletter 2017

Well I must say, this has probably been one of the worse Springs I have encountered in about 20 years. It was one thing to come through the year with damaged turf, but it sure was the icing on the cake to have it rain just about every day, or just as we were drying out. This is one of those start-ups that I will do everything to forget. I am actually smiling right now looking at the long-range weather for the Moncton area. Sunshine and some heat!!!  The crew and I will probably melt!!!!

When the snow cleared a handful of weeks ago, the ugly truth of our greens damage came to light, and quite truthfully it is one of those throw-up moments for a Superintendent. The good thing is that I have been through dead turf before, and know how to get it back. We actually had only one day in 30 to be able to seed with the bad weather. I learned a long time ago that you need to be ready when the sun shines, and I can tell you we are always in the ready mode. The greens were seeded around 4 weeks ago, and are coming in nicely as you have seen on the course. I have been asked lately why the greens have not been opened sooner, and it has to do with the fact that even though they look good from a distance, the individual plants have not yet knit together to form a surface that can take traffic. They were also far to wet for play. I have been pushing the greens hard with boosters and supplements, and everything should be a go for opening this Friday. They will still be a little rough and some areas might still have to be roped for another week, but you will have surfaces to putt on, and I will be doing everything in my power to smooth them out. I have to thank all of you for your patience concerning this matter. You are really an amazing membership!! Trust me when I say that I hate the word temporary as much as you do.

Also, this week, it is finally go time for the rest of the greens on the course with vertical cutting, topdressing, height reduction, rolling, over seeding, and aeration. Because we have been delayed so long with weather, I have decided to do the first aeration with mini-tine bayonet tines that will allow me to inject a lot of sand and seed into the greens without disrupting the surface as much as core aeration would do at this time. I think you will be happy with the results. This will be followed by another round later in the month, and by mid June we should have some of the best greens in the area.

Over the month of June you will see bunker repair, sand addition and de-grassing, weed control, tee over seeding, etc… We will also be fixing all the wet condition damage caused from the mowers. Even today we were hitting soft spots and sinking. It hasn’t been easy but the crew is dealing with it very well. We will also be fertilizing the whole course soon once we know that mother nature is not going to soak us again. This will help to green the course up. The weak holes and fairways have already had round one of my fertilizer program, and the next one is coming soon, and yes, it is 30% turkey poop… It smells but it works!!!

Please remember that my door is always open, and if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to voice your opinion. Open communication is important, and it helps me better serve you. Could all of you do me a favour???? Glen has put together an incredible Professional Shop this year and the weather has got him down. Please come in, shop a little, and cheer him up, and while you’re here, grab a bite from the kitchen. Alan and his staff have some tasty high calorie delicious items that would put a smile on anyone’s face during this gloomy weather. Until next time!!!!!

# 11 seed bed preparation about 5 weeks ago


# 11 coming in nicely and almost ready for play!!!


Prepping the very dead # 16 green for 007 bentgrass


# 16 almost ready!!!


# 13 seed bed preparation.


# 13 just about ready… Didn’t think this one would come in this well so early.


#10 a little bit of living turf but not good..


# 10 only two weeks after seeding!!! Still a bit weak in the back wet area…



Mountain Woods Golf Club Update Tuesday June 6th, 2017

Golf Course Playing Conditions

A gigantic thank you to Dave Davey and his staff this Spring for the incredible job they have done in some of the coldest, wettest conditions I have seen since beginning my career in 1998. The golf course has been saturated for over a month and yet Dave and his crew was able to keep the golf course open for some play.

 We are happy to announce that the remaining 5 temporary greens have germinated very well and they will open for play on Friday June 9th. Please be very cautious when entering any roped off areas on the greens as they remain very fragile.


Grounds Maintenance Work on greens (Sorry for the last-minute notice)

 The Front nine holes will be closed for the day on Wednesday June 6th and will reopen on Thursday June 7th.

 The back nine holes will be closed on Thursday June 7th and will reopen on Friday June 8th.


Demo Day

 Please join us in welcoming Callaway, Pin g and Cobra to our practice facility on Wednesday June 7th between 3pm and 6pm. Custom fittings are available and there is no charge to come out and try out the latest golf equipment from these fantastic companies. Please show your support to the club and these companies by attending this demo day.


Father’s Day Promotion (end’s Sunday June 18th)

·      Adidas shoes 20% off

·      Headwear and Clothing not already on sale 25% off 

·      FootJoy jackets 35% off

·      Bag Boy and Sun mountain Carts 15% off

·      Putters 15% off

·      All Wedges 15% off

·      Buy a golf bag AND GET 1 DOZEN Srixon Soft feel golfs balls




Demo Day Wednesday June 7th 3pm to 6pm



Mountain Woods News Saturday May 27 2017

Golf Course Playing Conditions: We have decided to keep the back nine holes closed for today and plan to open them tomorrow. The golf course is very wet and should you choose to play today plan for cool, wet/muddy conditions on the front nine. Power carts will be out however they will be strictly cart path only.