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Mountain Woods Golf Club News May 4, 2018

Opening Date?:

Due to extreme saturation, the golf course and driving range will remain closed until further notice. The original opening date for the golf course may have to be backed up from Thursday, May 10 however, for now, we will remain optimistic and will reevaluate the playing conditions daily.

Course conditions:

Tees: Some tees have considerable winter kill and will be aerated and overseeded once the weather permits.

Fairways: The majority of fairways winter very well and we are very happy. 

Greens: We have 1 dead green (hole #7). The remaining greens are a mixed bag or good and bad. The greens that didn't winter very well are holes 7, 8, 15, 17. Dave will begin the aeration and overseeding process as soon as the weather permits.

All in all, we are happy with the condition of the golf course considering the winter and spring that it had to face this year. 


Thank you to everyone who has been in to register for their 2018 golf membership. It is a 5-minute process and we ask all returning members and new members who have yet to register to please do so prior to opening day.

Common questions regarding men's night at Mountain Woods Golf Club:

1. Do you have to be a member of the club to join men's night? 

Yes, our men's night is almost at capacity and therefore it will remain to be a member only offering.

2. Format?

Two-player teams play against another two-player team in a net best ball 9 hole match weekly. Points are given for a win (2) a loss results in (0) points and should a match be determined prior to the 9th hole the remaining holes will be worth 1/4 point each.

3. Cost:

$40 per player.

There are also some additional options such as toonie shootout and the steak dinner night

Toonie shootout $20 for the season. Your team must birdie one par 3 and 1 par 5 on any given men's night to win a professional shop gift card.

Steak Dinner Night: Approximatley half way through men's night we have a bbq steak night after your round. The cost is $15 tax and gratuity included.

4. Information: Draws and results will be posted on the website under the men's night tab.


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