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Mountain Woods News Saturday May 27 2017

Golf Course Playing Conditions: We have decided to keep the back nine holes closed for today and plan to open them tomorrow. The golf course is very wet and should you choose to play today plan for cool, wet/muddy conditions on the front nine. Power carts will be out however they will be strictly cart path only.

A Message from your Superintendent, Dave Davey (May Blog)


May Newsletter 2017

So it is official, this is probably one of the worse Springs I have encountered in about 20 years, and it is pretty much unanimous throughout the turfgrass industry in NB. Most of the Superintendents I have spoken with this Spring felt that the Winter was not that serious, but there was a lot going on under the tarps, ice, and snow, that didn’t show up until the snow cleared and the turf was exposed to air. There is unfortunately a lot of dead grass out there, and it extends throughout Atlantic Canada.

Here at Mountain Woods, we have some turf damage, but after warmer temperatures on the weekend and some warm rain, there was a lot of damaged turf starting to show regeneration. I was pleasantly surprised! We have four greens that are seriously damaged, and will be temped when we open, if the weather will ever cooperate and allow us to open.  These greens are #10, #11, #13, and #16.  Why we have had kill here probably had to do with warm soil temperatures, ice storms, rapid freezing, snow mold, and anoxia. Really nothing we could have done. It happens sometimes, so you just have to develop a plan of attack. These greens were recently overseeded, and heavily fertilized, and if the weather will cooperate, we should she some germination in just a few days. We also purchased a special set of tines for our aerator that will allow overseeding in weak grass without too much surface disruption. These greens are going to be pushed hard once germination and temperatures work in our favor. This will take a tremendous effort on behalf of myself and the crew, and it will require patience. I have priced sod for our damaged greens and it would cost around $30,000, plus labor, and would be far too much of an expense for the club at this time.

Right now the course definitely looks quite beat up from winter, but it is starting to come back. As soon as the weather permits, we will be doing everything possible to get the course back to the condition it deserves, and you deserve. I would like to really thank the volunteers that came in to help us with the branch and debris clean-up, left after the ice storm. The crew has been hauling brush for over 2 weeks now, and could easily keep going all year. What a mess! Hopefully soon the weather will change and allow us to get our work done. Trust me when I say that the crew and I have been going all out to try to get the course ready, and with any luck I will see you all soon. Until then, please come in and check out the Professional Shop. Glen Kennedy has done an incredible job setting up the shop this year. It looks awesome and has a great line up of top level merchandise to make your golf game even better.

This will be Dave speaking with Don should the rain not stop anytime soon!


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