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2015 Closing Meeting Minutes


OCTOBER 14, 2015


Thirty-seven club members and 4 members of the golf club executive met at the Mountain Woods golf club for the closing meeting on October 14, 2015.  The following is a list of executive members:



President:Tony Zuorro

Club Manager: Greg Neate

Vice President: Benoit Allard

Treasurer: Martin VanEgmond

Secretary (in lieu): Carol McCarthy



Ladies’ Captain: Wendy Pooley

Men’s Captain: Stacy Patterson

NBGA Director: Steve Connor

Senior Men’s Coordinator:  John MacDonald

Secretary: Nancy Johnson


President Tony Zuorro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm and welcomed everyone for attending.  There was no Opening meeting minutes to discuss.


Club Manager

Greg Neate gave opening statement outlining the changes to the club ownership and the many changes this invokes.   Greg announced that, as with other courses the golf club executive will no longer be required.  There are several VOLUNTEER positions that WILL BE REQUIRED as follows:

            Men’s club captain and subcommittees

            Ladies’ club captain and subcommittees

            Junior coordinator

            Senior coordinators for both men’s and ladies’ memberships

            Social committee made up of all categories of membership


Greg feels that these committees will be of great benefit to the success of the club and will work with each committee to ensure that tee times are booked, assist in collecting entry fees if required, and will work with them to outline new and returning programs for 2016.

There will still be an opening and closing membership meeting annually and I will meet with the club captains and senior coordinators prior to the club championship to ensure everything is ready to go for each event.

Another change outlined by Greg is in finance.  He will no longer be collecting $3.00 per membership to be given to the executive to be deposited and spent as they saw fit, however, he would still like to keep some fundraising events going to raise money for things that the membership would like to purchase for the golf club.  There may also be some changes to the way club charge accounts are currently administered.        


In 2016 we may close all open charges daily ensuring that we do not create countless hours recording and collecting accounts receivable later 

( in most cases monthly)



Treasurer Martin VanEgmond reported a balance of $1,177.19.  A detailed printout is attached to the original minutes.  He reported that there is finally a bank account opened for Mountain Woods golf club and the old accounts for “Magnetic Hill” golf course is now closed.


Ladies’ Captain

Tony Zuorro read Wendy Pooley’s report, as she could not attend the meeting.

She reported the year got off to a slow start due to bad weather.  The program finally started near the end of June with 23 morning ladies and 5 business ladies participating.  Wendy and Greg are going to try to get together with a couple of business ladies next month to brainstorm ideas to hopefully grow the evening program by making it a fun night each week and opening it up to the public.  Anyone with any ideas about this can please speak to Wendy or Greg.

For the past two years the morning ladies have been playing an Alternate shot format, and have now decided to try another format for next year – something that will be fun for everyone.  Various formats will be discussed during the winter. 

Our Closing Meeting held on Sept 22 where everyone enjoyed Allan’s delicious turkey dinner and celebrated various achievements.  Wendy sends best wishes for the winter and hopes to see everyone in the spring.


Men’s Captain

Tony Zuorro read Stacy’s report in his absence.   2015 was once a solid year for the Men’s membership activities.  We had a solid turnout at all club events including 100 players in our Monday night league.  This year we introduced our shotgun inter divisional play that was well received by all.

Stacy has agreed to be the Men’s club captain for 2016. 

He added that he and Steve Connor spoke about the coordinating the Junior Coordinator position.  Steve agrees with Stacy on a plan for 2016.  They will be continuing the successful Mentoring Program established this year while adding an inter-club team event for the juniors.


Men’s Senior Coordinator

John’s report read by Tony Zuorro in his absence.

This year the senior men participated in two season long programs, the weekly Quota tournament and the Hub senior tour.

The season long Quota tournaments were played every Wednesday morning.  There were 30 members signed up for the season.  Tournaments began June 4th and ended September 30th.  Players enjoyed the opportunity to play with different players each week and generally liked the format of play.  The average participation was 18 players per event for 14 events this year. 

We tried to start two other evens this year, a Senior match play and a Ryder cup format event.  We had 12 participants for the Match play but only a few signed up for the Ryder cup event so that did not proceed.  The Match Play event resulted in a 3-person play-off.  The winner was Allan Doyle, with Mac MacKenney finishing second and Bruce Hannay taking 3rd place.

The Hub senior tour is played at other participating courses on a weekly basis in a two- person scramble format.  The scramble format is not favored by many of our players, as they would prefer to see how they would do as individual players on each course.  There were 18 events this season with an average participation from Mountain Woods of 2-4 players.  Participation from the Mountain Woods players is down from 10-12 players at each event.  We hosted the Hub senior tour at our course on July 3rd and again on August 27th.  The Fraser Murray Memorial Cup tournament, August 27th was poorly attended due to bad weather.  There were 76 guests and 24 club members for that event.  Thanks to Jerry Gagne for taking the coordinator role for the Hub senior tour this year.  The arrival of the new carts was very welcome for all our events this year.  We hope to continue with all these events next year and will try to get the Ryder Cup format events going as well.  Enjoy the winter months and hope to see everyone in the spring!


NBGA Coordinator

Tony Zuorro read Steve Connor’s report.

Steve reported on the business of the slated NBGA dues collection changes for 2016 to which Club Manager Greg Neate has all pertinent information.

He has corresponded with Allison Chisholm, NBGA Director regarding the scheduling of re-rating Mountain Woods next year.  In her e-mail Allison wrote “ Actually, I was checking the rating in the system and it will be five years for the new holes, so we should have another look at them.  I will add it to the list for next year.  I will confirm the information with the Golf Canada Score Centre.  I have my files at home, but will look at it over the weekend.”


Club Manager’s report

Greg Neate started his report by asking members to sign up for the Newsletter on our website, and to “like us” on Facebook and to download our free mobile app.

Plans for this fall:

  • Remove old sand and update the remaining bunkers that have yet to be completed. (This may require closing the back nine for a day or two)
  • Limb and remove trees where necessary
  • All greens will be aerated in the next week or so.  We will close nine holes at a time to achieve this
  • I will consider keeping nine holes open for a week or so in November if weather permits


All fairways and rough will be aerated.  We will begin with rough only and then once we begin fairways we will close down nine holes.  Once those nine holes are completed we will close the golf course and aerate the other nine fairways

  • Fall fertilizer will be applied to the entire gold course.  A special blend will be applied to the new fairways
  • A dormant over-seed will be spread on the new holes and hole #11 fairway and rough.
  • Winter Green covers will be purchased and placed over the following greens:

1,2,3, 4 (Four of the new bent grass greens)

11, 12 and 17

We will require volunteers for this new endeavor.  Please sign your name if you wish to help out with covering the greens or cutting limbs and trees this fall

I will have a golf course designer here to look at a couple of projects in November.  The owner is currently looking at:

Rebuilding #15 green

Building a modern practice area at the driving range.  The additions would include:

1.     Removing the driving range hut and constructing a grass tee behind the mats where the gravel currently sits

2.     New large practice putting green where the old #1 tee currently is

3.     New chipping green and sand trap where old # 1 tee is


For members owing on Club accounts, please ensure that all accounts are fully paid prior to end October.  Thank you.


Fall membership program.

Purchase of a golf membership between now and November 30th will net you a $75.00 gift card for the professional shop, plus your name will go in a draw for a chance to win your 2017 membership.

2016 Membership dues notices will be sent via our newsletter only.  Members can also print or view the 2016 membership form on our website early in December.

Greg also reminds us that Mountain Woods has a Corporate Membership option:

To qualify: a minimum of three employees from the same employer is required

(Proof of employment will be required from each staff member)

The first membership is sold at a full adult price ($1,075. in 2015) and the remaining employees will receive a $200. reduction

I encourage all existing members to promote this at their workplace and ask your employer if they would pay the additional $200. applied to the first membership.  This way all employees from their business can enjoy a $200. reduction in membership fees at Mountain Woods Golf Club.  This is a great employee benefit for a business.

Please remove all personal items from lockers and club storage on or before November 1st.

Thank you to the outgoing club executive, all members of the golf club, my staff who support and complete all the challenges I set for them each season, and my family who do not see much of me over the summer months.

Some questions from the floor included  - cleaning of the carts, the tee box on # 13, the timeline on the new practice green and driving range, and repairs to all tee boxes.  Greg responded to all questions accordingly.


Tony Zuorro, seconded by Benoit Allard, adjourned meeting at 7:15.


Respectfully submitted by:

Carol McCarthy

For Nancy Johnson

Executive Secretary

Mountain Woods Golf Club News… November 13

Golf Green Covers Have Arrived

In an attempt to provide better playing conditions in the Spring we will be covering the following (7) golf greens this winter. Holes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12 and 17. The covers will be placed over the greens in the next few weeks.

Membership Promotion:

All members who wish to renew (payment in full) prior to December 1st 2015. You will be charged 2015 rates, you will receive a $75 gift card for the professional shop and your name will be entered in a draw for a “Free” 2017 golf membership. A minimum of 30 early payments are required for the “free” membership draw.

Professional Shop & Christmas Gifts

When considering gifts for Christmas please consider your professional shop. All remaining stock is available to be purchased at up to 50% off.

Gift certificates and gift cards for members are also available.

Remember that all profits made by purchasing from your golf club will stay in the golf club and will be used to make improvements to the golf course. All sales are a great help! 



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