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Mountain Woos Junior Invitational Results 2014

Champion: Sam Young Riverside  71
1st Division:      
1st Gross Braeden Burgess Petitcodiac 73 ®
1st Net Nathan Harvey Fredericton  66
2nd Gross Luke Chase  Petitcodiac 73
2nd Net Graham Gourley Fredericton  68
3rd Gross Clinton Holmes Fredericton  75 ®
3rd Net Dylan Chase  Country Meadows  69
2nd Division:      
1st Gross Matt Woodworth  Country Meadows 81
1st Net Quinn Gorman Fredericton  72 ®
2nd Gross Alex LeBlanc Fox Creek  83
2nd Net Alexandre St-Onge Country Meadows  72
3rd Gross Alexandre Boudreau  Fox Creek  86
3rd Net Parker McIntyre Mountain Woods  73
3rd Division:      
1st Gross Lukas Cormier Bouctouche 80
1st Net Alex Wynter Country Meadows  58
2nd Gross James MacDonald Country Meadows  80 ®
2nd Net Braden Gorman Fredericton  64
3rd Gross Nash Smith  Country Meadows  88
3rd Net Kyle Melanson  Country Meadows  69
Girls Division      
Champion Laura Jones  Country Meadows  80
1st gross:  Ali Dolan Moncton Golf Club 90
1st Net: Dominique Cormier Bouctouche 67


News from your club, Mountain Woods, July 20

New Scorecard and New Layout!

The new scorecard is currently being printed and with the new scorecard comes a new layout. This coming week (July 21st) we will be reversing the nines for the last time. Starting on the current back nine will accomplish many things:

1.Improve pace of play. The current walk between the 9th green and 10th tee will be eliminated.

2.Assist the professional shop staff in controlling the 1st tee as all members and guests will have to pass the clubhouse to gain access to the golf course.

3.This change will make it more convenient to utilize the driving range and warm up prior to heading to the 1st tee, thus increasing range revenue. 

4.Starting on the current back nine should allow groups to space themselves out quicker with a long par five and par four early in their round.

5.Creates a much better finishing hole (par 5)

Please allow some time to get requests in to golf Canada, our app creator and GPS companies to get the nines flipped.

Starting on the first tee

I remind all members and guests that starting on the first tee is mandatory. Starting on the back nine creates pace of play problems for those golfers that started on the first tee at least two hours prior to any group cutting in and starting on number ten. Players that start on then back nine will be removed from the course and asked to start on the first hole when a tee time becomes available. It is important to remember that the golf course is sometimes busy and the pace of play may slower than you like. Extremely hot days will usually slow the pace as well!

Professional Shop Price Cuts

Almost all drivers & fairway woods have been reduced to sell. Please contact Greg Neate to book a custom fitting. All SunIce jackets are also on sale for a limited time only.

Men’s Match Play

We are very late getting the men’s match play started. Anyone interested in competing in this event must sign up as soon as possible. The first 16 men signed up will be in this event and the matches will be posted in the bar.

Arley Enright Senior Invitational Draw for Wednesday July 16th 2014

Arley Enright Senior Invitational
9am Shotgun Start
Hole #1 Perry  LeBlanc
  Dave Barley
  Greg Blake
Hole #2 Allan Doyle 
  Bill Gammell
  Louis Boudreau
  Roly Daye
Hole #3 Doug Stewart 
  Bob Gray
  Les Merriam
  Jean LeBlanc
Hole #4 David Kennedy
  David Courser 
  Ashley Sobey
  Ken McPhee
Hole #5 Bill Enright 
  Lance Enright
  Lev Steeves 
  Kelly Enright
Hole #6 Shane Hayward
  Jack Jones 
  Claude Gaudet 
Hole #7 Guy MacKnight
  Ernie MacKinnon
  Ralph Judson 
Hole #8 Jim London
  Brian Sleath 
  Pat Gallant
  Adrien Crevatin
Hole #9 John Brown
  Tim Creaghan
  Michel Audet
Holoe #10 Daniel A Cormier
  Ferdnand Gaudet
  John MacDonald 
Hole #10B Malcolm MacKenney
  Rick Thompson
  Glen Morrison
Hole #11 Bernie McCarthy
  Ivan Patten
  Henry Lorette
  Rodger Allain
Hole #12 Doug Geddes
  John McCormack
  Mike Foran
  Rod Babineau


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