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2020 Men’s Night Rules

2020 Mountain Woods Men’s Night RULES
When - Monday, June ?
Scoring – 2pts for a Team Win, 1 pt for a Tie.  Upon completion of Match, all remaining holes will be worth .25 pts each.  All matches will end after 9 holes.
Toonie ShootOut - $20 per player for the season,  A Birdie on a par 3 and par 5 on the same night (from either partner) will enter you into the toonie -shootout pot.  Payout is determined by the total # of entries divided by the total # of winners.   Spares are not eligible to participate,  when a spare is used, on the paid gofler ball is in play for the win.
Closest to the Pin -  Spares are not eligible for KP prizes.  If you have a spare playing with you, please do not populate the KP Sheet if his/ball is inside the closest mark. Thank-you.
HCP’s - HCP’s are the responsibility of each individual player.  Please continue to enter your scores on a regular basis with the RCGA Network.  We will be checking periodically to ensure that all players comply with the RCGA’s HCP system.  Please refer to the RCGA Network to get your HCP for the TEE’s you are playing.  This # is your Factor adjusted to the slope rating of the respective Tee’s.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO KNOW YOUR UPDATED HCP PRIOR TO EACH MATCH!   If you have any questions on Handicapping or entering scores, please see either Greg Neate or Stacy Patterson.
Tee Blocks - Index up to 12.9, Blue Tees.  Index 13.0 and up, White Tees.  (It is always at the discretion of the 2 competing Teams on what Tee Block they decide to play for the match)
Rules for Ball in Play -   For the start of the 2019 Season we will have the following “local rule” in play.  Players may pick, clean and place their ball anywhere within the “MOWN” portion of the golf course.   As we move into the season, we may look at playing “ball down”.
Spares - Spares will be the responsibility of the individual Teams.  Teams can use a Spare when needed, provided they have signed RCGA HCP card.  Non-members will be required to pay for a 9-hole green fee.  We are working on a spare list, more info to follow. If your partner is unavailable on any given week, the same format is in effect, no compensation given for a single player.  Spares are limited to a total of 5 Men's Nights over the course of the season.
Team No-Shows - If a Team has no representation on any given Monday, the opposing Teams will win 2 pts.  If both Teams are absent, both Teams will be awarded 0 pts.  A min of 1 player per Team needs to be present in order for the Match to count in the standings.
Rescheduling –Continuing in 2015, all matches are to be played on the scheduled Monday, no exceptions.   Teams will be required to play with a spare or as a single. If there is no representation from the Team, the match will be forfeited.
Weather Cancellations - All weather related cancellations will postpone the week, pushing the schedule out by 1 week.  If at any point we have multiple cancellations pushing the finals into Sept, we will look at alternate options.
Play-offs – The Top 8  Teams from each division after "regular season play" will make the play-offs.
Prizes - TBD, based on total # of participants.  Divisional breakdowns will be equal to the total # Teams within that division.
Format - Four-Ball Handicap Matchplay 
The rules are the same as with single Matchplay, but the handicap difference are based on the lowest handicapped player in the two pairs. The lowest marker “goes back to scratch”. Then the other players have their handicaps lowered by subtracting the handicap of the low marker. For example, four players with the following handicaps would be treated thus. 
1.      16 Hcp 
2.      12 Hcp 
3.      5 Hcp 
4.      22 
Hcp ‘5’ is the low marker and would have a new handicap of scratch. The other new Matchplay handicaps would then be: 
1.      16 – 5 = 11 
2.      12 – 5 = 7 
3.      0 
4.      22 – 5 = 17 
The side which wins a hole is then the side with the best net score on a hole after comparing the adjusted Matchplay handicaps to the Matchplay index on the holes (see individual Matchplay above). For the purpose of our 9-Hole format, the index on all 18 holes will remain in effect.  Therefore if you are set to a new HCP of 5 after the low man is set to ZERO, then you would receive a stoke on holes #1 and #8 if you are playing the front 9 and holes # 10, #12 and #18 if you are playing the back 9.
SCORE CARDS are to be DROPPED INTO MINI GOLF BAG outside the Pro-Shop upon completion of the match.  Failure to do so will result in ZERO POINTS for BOTH TEAMS!!!

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