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Mountain Woods Maintenance Blog October 2016

October BLOG...

                  It sure is hard to believe that it is October. I can honestly say that it has been one of the longest seasons I have ever had, but it has been a fun and exciting season improving the course and hearing the exciting feedback from members and guests. We have a golf course that is quickly becoming popular with the local golfing public, and it sure was busy this season, which is great for our future.

                  It has been really fun prepping the course for the men’s invitational this year. It was definately an important item on my calendar and for my personal goals for the course. It all started a couple of weeks ago, with the completion of the bunkers at 17.  Finally got that thorn in my side off the list. Sorry for the time it took, but alot of other items kept coming up on the daily list. The greens were also fertilized with an algae compost material that allows for moderate growth and green up. Monday of last week we went in and aggressively double vertical cut the greens and topdressed, which sped up, and smoothed the greens.  On Tuesday, I sprayed iron and a large dose of growth regulator to keep the greens consistent in growth and color. On Friday the greens were rolled four times, and each day of the tournament on the weekend.  I was really excited to see how they were rolling on the weekend. Much closer to what I would like to consistently see for this golf course. The pins were chosen in a way that you really had to use shot management to get those birdies!!! There was alot of positive feedback for our club this weekend!!!!!

                  October is typically a month where the golfing ramps down, but the work load for the course ramps up. Its aeration month folks. This is a time usually met with mixed emotions by golfers, because the surfaces of the golf course certainly get disrupted. Aeration  is an importamt process that is imperitive for the production of healthy turfgrass. There are numerous articles and videos online available on many of the different multi-media websites. Check them out if you would like to know more about the aeration process.  We will be starting the greens next Tuesday, and will be using a .590 od. hollow tine at a 2 inch spacing, The greens will also be topdressed heavily and the mowing height will be raised to .180". The greens will also be topdressed heavily.  Later in the month, the greens are going to be topdressed heavily and aerated with three quarter inch solid tines, and then filled with usga sand.  The tees are also going to be aerated with similar coring tines, but it is going to have to rain before I start, since they are so hard and dry right now. Later in the month, the fairways are going to be aggressively aerated with our renovaire which is set up with three quarter spoon tines. I will be running over the fairways 3-6 times.  Yes, there will be alot of holes, but it is a short term gain for a long term gain!!! All of this aeration will improve the golf course playing conditions for next season. Im really looking forward to seeing the response in the spring of next season.

                  Theres alot of plans for the month of October, that will improve this golf course. We will likely be looking for volunteers from time to time, so if you are interested in taking part, just let us know.

                  I would really like to thank the crew for the hard work that they have done recently to get the course ready for our annual tournament week. The guys have really done a bang-up job this season, and a really good maintenance team is developing. Thanks guys!!!!   


Don Brunn double vertical cutting getting ready for tournament week.


Pretty as a picture and rolling awesome on Friday!!!!


Root development in an aeration hole from the Spring!!!! Plug from 7 green.


17 bunkers underway


Trench dug by hand!!!!


The finished product!!!