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Mountain Woods Golf Club Maintenance Blog for August 2017


August Maintenance Blog

Well I must say that this has been one of the craziest seasons I have ever had in the turf industry. From swamp to desert in just a few months! Who ever would have thought that we would experience a drought like this. The course has definitely suffered a lot over the past 8 weeks, with scorching high temperatures and about 20mm of precipitation. I have spoken to a lot of long term members over the past few weeks and it is unanimous that this is the driest they have ever seen the course, and its not just Mountain Woods feeling the pain. There are a lot of courses in N.B. that are almost out of water, and are seriously burned. So, the big question: Will all of this bleached out and brown turf come back? For the most part, a lot of the grass will recover, but there could be some high traffic areas that may need to be reseeded. In order for everything to green up, it will require cool temperatures and a lot of rain, and there doesn’t seem to be much of either in our near future. On a positive note, we have been able to keep the greens pretty darn good, and the tees are hanging in quite well, but it has required a tremendous amount of work. I can’t remember another season where I had to water this much, and this long.

The greens, for the most part, are doing well, but they are insanely dry internally. Irrigation water can only go so far, and it will require a good rain to fill up the soil again. There have been a few spots that have showed up and dried out quickly in the heat, but these have been treated with a wetting agent and are already showing signs of recovery. We finally received our new tires for the workman which will allow me to topdress very light during the dry period to help speed up and smooth out the surfaces. We are now mowing the greens at .120 inches and I’m pretty sure we can go lower. The greens have really changed over the past season and a half, and they are starting to become more like what I envision in my head. I really can’t wait until October to Deeply aerate the surfaces and put down as much sand as possible. The tees are hanging in there and I will be aerating them again shortly to help keep them playable.

Over the past month, the crew has been working their tails off edging the bunkers, and there are only 2 to go. The guys have really done an amazing job this year, and deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. It is too bad that we have been hit by a drought of this magnitude, because if we hadn’t, we would have been pretty awesome!
The club championship is rapidly approaching, and we will be busy getting everything ready for the weekend. The pins will all be fair, and the greens speed will be kept as normal. I hope you are enjoying the course this year regardless of the weather, and just so you know, those 400 yard drives are not going to last forever!!!!




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