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Maintenance Blog June 6, 2017

June Newsletter 2017

Well I must say, this has probably been one of the worse Springs I have encountered in about 20 years. It was one thing to come through the year with damaged turf, but it sure was the icing on the cake to have it rain just about every day, or just as we were drying out. This is one of those start-ups that I will do everything to forget. I am actually smiling right now looking at the long-range weather for the Moncton area. Sunshine and some heat!!!  The crew and I will probably melt!!!!

When the snow cleared a handful of weeks ago, the ugly truth of our greens damage came to light, and quite truthfully it is one of those throw-up moments for a Superintendent. The good thing is that I have been through dead turf before, and know how to get it back. We actually had only one day in 30 to be able to seed with the bad weather. I learned a long time ago that you need to be ready when the sun shines, and I can tell you we are always in the ready mode. The greens were seeded around 4 weeks ago, and are coming in nicely as you have seen on the course. I have been asked lately why the greens have not been opened sooner, and it has to do with the fact that even though they look good from a distance, the individual plants have not yet knit together to form a surface that can take traffic. They were also far to wet for play. I have been pushing the greens hard with boosters and supplements, and everything should be a go for opening this Friday. They will still be a little rough and some areas might still have to be roped for another week, but you will have surfaces to putt on, and I will be doing everything in my power to smooth them out. I have to thank all of you for your patience concerning this matter. You are really an amazing membership!! Trust me when I say that I hate the word temporary as much as you do.

Also, this week, it is finally go time for the rest of the greens on the course with vertical cutting, topdressing, height reduction, rolling, over seeding, and aeration. Because we have been delayed so long with weather, I have decided to do the first aeration with mini-tine bayonet tines that will allow me to inject a lot of sand and seed into the greens without disrupting the surface as much as core aeration would do at this time. I think you will be happy with the results. This will be followed by another round later in the month, and by mid June we should have some of the best greens in the area.

Over the month of June you will see bunker repair, sand addition and de-grassing, weed control, tee over seeding, etc… We will also be fixing all the wet condition damage caused from the mowers. Even today we were hitting soft spots and sinking. It hasn’t been easy but the crew is dealing with it very well. We will also be fertilizing the whole course soon once we know that mother nature is not going to soak us again. This will help to green the course up. The weak holes and fairways have already had round one of my fertilizer program, and the next one is coming soon, and yes, it is 30% turkey poop… It smells but it works!!!

Please remember that my door is always open, and if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to voice your opinion. Open communication is important, and it helps me better serve you. Could all of you do me a favour???? Glen has put together an incredible Professional Shop this year and the weather has got him down. Please come in, shop a little, and cheer him up, and while you’re here, grab a bite from the kitchen. Alan and his staff have some tasty high calorie delicious items that would put a smile on anyone’s face during this gloomy weather. Until next time!!!!!

# 11 seed bed preparation about 5 weeks ago


# 11 coming in nicely and almost ready for play!!!


Prepping the very dead # 16 green for 007 bentgrass


# 16 almost ready!!!


# 13 seed bed preparation.


# 13 just about ready… Didn’t think this one would come in this well so early.


#10 a little bit of living turf but not good..


# 10 only two weeks after seeding!!! Still a bit weak in the back wet area…