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July Grounds Maintenance BLOG, from your superintendent Dave Davey

July Newsletter 2017

Sorry I am a little late for this newsletter, but I have been busy lately trying to keep enough water on the course, and trying to stock pile as much water as possible, so that we have enough for the dry period of summer. I am not sure what has changed around the property, but the quantity of water coming through the property has really decreased in the past couple of weeks. Still have enough though. I actually have changed my schedule lately to more efficiently water the course. I typically start pumping water at 2 am in the morning until 5 am. This allows enough time for irrigation water to percolate into the root system, and decreases the possibility for mower damage. And I have found that I can get a lot done in the early hours of the morning!

Since the last newsletter the crew and I have been working hard to get the course into shape, and for the most part the weather has been cooperating for once, but it is sure getting dry out there. I am a bit behind on some of the goals I had set forth for the greens but this will all be done over the next 10 days, with vent aeration, topdressing, wetting agent application, spot plugging, and localized spot sanding to weaker/rough areas on greens that are still a bit thin from winter damage (ex. 14/5 green). For the most part, I am happy with how the greens have progressed, considering the loss of so many maintenance days earlier this year.  I should mention that I have been playing around with the quantity of water applied to the greens, and the frequency of rolling. We actually roll on weekends now! It is my intention to speed the greens up just a little, in order to fill the needs of the majority of golfers. Growth regulators are also being applied this week, and trust me, you will like the results.

I recently started aerating the tees, and boy are they hard. The Toro Procore aerator is bouncing like it was on concrete. This will soften the tee decks, and will allow for better water infiltration and root development. It is my goal to aerate the tees at least once per month over the rest of the season. I would especially like to thank Brian MacGlinchey for doing all of the divot filling on the course. He has been a divot filling machine for us this year and is an example that all of you should follow. We placed divot containers on numerous tee decks for you to use, and we have noticed a rapid decline this year in their use. Please fill your divots!!!

Also in the past couple of weeks, I was able to get the course sprayed for weed control. You may have noticed the smell, and numerous poor little weeds growing to death!!!! I hate weeds!!!! On some areas, you will notice large orange patches throughout the turf, and this is dead prostrate knot weed. Over the past couple of days, I have been asked why fairway 3 and 4 are so weedy. What your looking at is Poa Annua, which is a native turfgrass, going into full seed production. This is a good thing, because it will create a seed bed in our soils and fill in dead spots. Some people consider it undesirable, but for a small course like ours, it is welcomed with open arms.

Also, this week, the crew has started bunker edging, and sand addition and redistribution where needed. We plan on doing this over the next month, where it will fit the schedule. They are looking good all ready!! I would really like to thank the crew for all of their hard work this year. The guys have really gone all out this season and are really happy to make a great golf course for you.

Prostrate Knotweed saying the final goodbye on fairway # 10… Bye Bye!!!


Poa Annua seed head production on fairway # 4…