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Ground Maintenance Blog for Mountain Woods Golf Club August 2016

August 4th 2016

So folks, does anyone know the direct number to that womderful lady we all call Mother Nature... If so please give her a shout and tell her we need some damn rain... Its not just dry, but it is also extremely hot. I can tell you that there were many afternoons where certain areas of the golf course reached temperatures in the high thirties and low forties. I know this because turfgrass will only show these symptoms when temperatures reach these levels. Cart tire tracking for example. Misery does love company, and I can tell you there are many courses that have been going through the same thing that we are, and clover has also been a huge problem for them as well. And I could have been a doctor!! Even with the extremes, the crew and I have been working very hard to keep the greens and tees going strong during this period of environmental misery, and I hope you have been enjoying them. Trust me when I say we are doing our best.

July also brought with it an irrigation pump issue. Basically my main irrigation pump exploded with a cracked housing and split impeller. Age really had alot to do with it, and these things do happen sometimes. Thankfully Greg had the foresight long ago to purchase a second pump to have on site in the event something like this would happen. Within 2 days we were pumping again from a second location which proved to have a significant water supply. The pump house down at 12 green actually allows me to deep soak the greens and tees when ever I need it. Awesome!!!!!  I originally thought we were doomed when it came to water supply. So an exploding pump has lead to an exciting discovery for the course that may even lead to possible fairway irrigation some time in the future.

Also in July, I began the fight with anthracnose with a combination of products and fertility/water management and we are winning. You have to look really close to see any sign of the disease on our greens, Special thanks to Scott Shanks from Nova Turf for all of the great advice and program development to combat such a nasty disease. Take that anthracnose!

I was recently asked the following question by a number of members concerning the green sites, and I have decided to share it with all of you. I was asked the following: What is your management program for the greens on the course in terms of playability? Well, my main focus with the green sites this year has been, to date, turfgrass health and quality. In a nut shell, I wanted to make sure that the plants that make up the greens surface were healthy enough to sustain traffic, heat, low mowing, resist disease, have a pleasent color, and start to develop a healthy root environment. Now that being said, the plants if happy, can be used to create a surface which is what you play on each and every day. Now that surface is where the game is really  played, and you are looking for trueness, speed, ball acceptability, smoothness, uniformity, and color. We have been working on alot of this already with mowing height, water management, vertical cutting, rolling, etc., but speed has remained moderate.  My idea of a perfect green speed is this: It should be a speed that matches the contours of the greens, is acceptable to the largest number of average golfers, can be achieved without sacrificing turf health, and is affordable within budgets. Basically I have determined that my goal for this course should be an average stimp 9-10.  Right now we are around an 8-8.5. Let me know what you think, because your feedback will help with the ultimate decision.

I just finished venting the greens with the cross tine solids today, and it went really well. The greens are improving all the time internally, and an extensive program of improvement will be implemented after the men’s invitational in the fall. Please let me know how they putt today after rolling.

Well folks, I have another early morning ahead of me, so I must sign off. It has been a pleasure getting to know the membership this year. Myself and the Staff have had nothing but positive feedback from you and they are really enjoying working at Mountain Woods this year. I have always had an open door policy with membership, so if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get to know me, please feel free to contact me anytime.   Also keep in mind volunteering in the late season... Lots of projects planned.... Till next time!!