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A Message from your Superintendent, Dave Davey (April Blog)

April News Letter
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Well it looks like winter is finally over, and to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to end.  Over the winter months, I have been checking greens to see how water was moving, and how ice was forming.  Until late January, things were almost perfect until some freezing/thawing and rain, then a rapid deep freeze. Its conditions like those that can lead to a lot of sleepless nights for a superintendent. Over the past couple of days, the snow and ice has been melting on the course and for the most part, the greens, tees, and fairways have been coming out ok, but there is obvious discoloration after exposure to air. I know that I have some damaged turf, but to date, there is only a few spots on the greens, tees, and fairways, that appear to be dead. Under the covers, things are looking good, but I need to see them after exposure to direct sunlight and air to access if there is crown damage or not. Greg and I will start doing some updates on Facebook to keep everyone informed. I have been through damage before, and know exactly what to do, but I am staying on the side of optimism for now. We will be starting straw removal next Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you can come out to help it would be appreciated. A lot of straw is still frozen which is blocking removal right at this moment in time. One thing I can guarantee, is that there is a tremendous number of branches on the course right now. So many after the ice storm, that we have bought a chipper to help with removal. In the past,  we were hauling branches off of the course which was taking way too much time, so now we can chip on site.

Over the past couple of weeks, Terry and I have been doing a shop renovation to improve lighting, insulation and heating, and the ability to work on multiple pieces of equipment at one time. Its actually quite nice in their now!!  We have also been working on a tee-off block project that I started last Fall by harvesting Maple on the course, and stripping and shaping them. Its a lot of work but they are going to be nice. I hope to get them on the course shortly after opening. Terry and I also attended a 16  hour turf grass equipment course on P.E.I., and it was a great learning experience. Continuing education is an important part of this industry, and I am proud to say I work for a company that believes in that.

One thing you might notice when we open up for the season is some digging has been done across number 11 fairway. Late last Fall, Don and I put in a much needed drain and ditch to capture water that had been flooding the bottom section of the course. We still have a lot to clean up down there, but you would be amazed how much water it is catching.

I wish I had more information concerning the course conditions at this time, but I will know more shortly. Trust me, a lot can happen over the next few weeks!!!  I hope to see everyone next week for straw removal, and at the open house. Mountain Woods is a course that is really going somewhere, and it is a blast to be part of it.

Terry Budd hard at work in the newly renovated shop. This guy has a lot to do right now!!!

New Tee Blocks underway!

Drain project underway on hole # 11.

The new chipper!